Logitech Comic Con 2018 & Bucharest Gaming Week

18/12/2018 The Society

Bucharest, 2018

Do you remember when you played your first video game? We sure do, because we grew in a world that started to follow the path of technology more quickly then we ever believed. From our first HC-91 to the incredible workstation we work and play on today, the world of gaming and computers has fascinated us.

And we can tell you that when we were ecstatic when we heard that we have the opportunity to prepare and set the stage for one of the smartest tech-companies. For us it wasn’t only work, but also lots of pleasure to team up with the Logitech brand at Comic Con and at Bucharest Gaming Week.

Logitech is one of the biggest companies in the world that successfully creates a true experience around their products, with a global footprint that starts from their headquarters in Laussane, Switzerland all the way to Newark, California.

The thing is that we are using Logitech devices for our personal use, so we understand hands-on how essential is to create a unique experience around a user, no matter if he plays for fun or if he’s a professional e-player or a industry professional. That’s why we wanted to create the same thrill, the same emotion and the same experience for everything we created for Logitech.

When we presented the Comic Con Bootcamp ideea to the Logitech team, we received a allround “YES! Let’s do it.”, so we started developing the activation concept. From 3D mock-ups to building the stand itself, from a wireframe of the whole process to creating the software that controlled the laser maze and ranking system our team enjoyed every moment of the work.

After the succes of the first Bootcamp, Logitech invited us to work on V2.0 at the Bucharest Gaming Week event where we amped up the level to 11 and increased the size of the maze and complication of the activation.

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