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20/08/2018 The Society

Bucharest, 2018

The future of cars is electric. It doesn’t matter if you love it or you hate it, you have to accept it. So, when one of the biggest programs in history of developing electric cars and the huge brand behind it ask you to help them create a unique driving experience for their customers and sales staff you have to be more than happy to do it.

BMW i3 was the first car in modern history that was developed from ground up as a purely electric vehicle. Maybe more impressive than that, BMW had the courage to tackle the world of supercars with the i8 Plug-In Hybrid that had an engine with just three cylinders. And all this was done before the electric boom, so that makes the BMW i Program more impressive then you might think.

Joy is BMW” is not just a statement, it is a state of mind for the German carmaker and for everyone involved in their products and work. Knowing that, it’s been a real challenge to invent, create and put in place an experience for BMW clients to test-drive BMW i3 electric car and BMW i8 PHEV supercar. All this was done during several days and on specifically selected roads around Bucharest with the main focus of delivering the most important bits of BMW i Program DNA.



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