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Romanian Endurance Series

Keeping true to our love of motorsport starting from the end of 2019 we are proud to represent the Romanian Endurance Series Racing Championship.  

The Romanian Endurance Series is the only circuit championship in Romania, which brings together tourism, GTs and prototypes and has a racing format of the GT competitions (2 rounds of 1h each, after the SRO / GT4 format. The last stage will be a 2 hour race).

In our partnership with RES, we will be handling all public relations, championship management, promotional campaigns, sponsor deals and BTL activations.

The first move was to get the championship a better presence in the Romanian automotive and motorsport scene, so we pushed to get the races transmitted on cable TV and online on two of the most popular channels, Telekom Sport & Look TV. Other activations were also put into practice, like the Best Next Pilot contest which was done in partnership with Virgin Radio Romania and offered 3 lucky winners an all expenses paid racing season in RES.


2019 Bucharest Gaming Week for Logitech

After one successful 2018 Bucharest Gaming Week, we teamed up again with Logitech to create a new experience for all the gaming fans. This time we were “on stage” at this year’s edition of Bucharest Gaming Week, which took place between 4-10 November 2019.

For this project our innovative idea was to create a unique Photo Booth, powered by the infinite mirror concept, having the goal to promote the Logitech brand in every picture made on location by visitors. The Photo Booth was a success, being an attraction from the first moments gaming fans joined the Logitech stand. It was an “out of the box” spot of the stand that people saw and instantly became curious about.

Our work for Logitech also included the design of the stands for their beautiful gaming products. This aspect often seems unimportant, but the visual effect of a premium product in the eyes of the customer has to instantly make a big positive impact. Also, we had the opportunity to build a voting application for the visitors of the stand and do the editing of the videos that could be seen around the hall, promoting the Logitech products.

Like always, it was a real pleasure working with Logitech, one of our best long-term partners.

2018 Comic Con & Bucharest Gaming Week for Logitech

Do you remember when you played your first video game? We sure do, because we grew in a world that started to follow the path of technology more quickly then we ever believed. From our first HC-91 to the incredible workstation we work and play on today, the world of gaming and computers has fascinated us.

And we can tell you that when we were ecstatic when we heard that we have the opportunity to prepare and set the stage for one of the smartest tech-companies. For us it wasn’t only work, but also lots of pleasure to team up with the Logitech brand at Comic Con and at Bucharest Gaming Week.

Logitech is one of the biggest companies in the world that successfully creates a true experience around their products, with a global footprint that starts from their headquarters in Laussane, Switzerland all the way to Newark, California.

The thing is that we are using Logitech devices for our personal use, so we understand hands-on how essential is to create a unique experience around a user, no matter if he plays for fun or if he’s a professional e-player or a industry professional. That’s why we wanted to create the same thrill, the same emotion and the same experience for everything we created for Logitech.

When we presented the Comic Con Bootcamp ideea to the Logitech team, we received a allround “YES! Let’s do it.”, so we started developing the activation concept. From 3D mock-ups to building the stand itself, from a wireframe of the whole process to creating the software that controlled the laser maze and ranking system our team enjoyed every moment of the work.

After the succes of the first Bootcamp, Logitech invited us to work on V2.0 at the Bucharest Gaming Week event where we amped up the level to 11 and increased the size of the maze and complication of the activation.

100% Motorsport

Having strong ties with the automotive and motorsport community in Romania, we were contacted in 2018 by the and 100% Sport magazine editorial teams with quite an interesting and unique proposal.

They were looking for a partner with a shared passion for motorsport to turn their annual alamanac idea into reality. Naturally we said yes and started the collaboration with them to turn their project into reality.

In just one month we went through the initial design and concept of the magazine, logo creation, content creation and management, copy writing, DTP and finally to print. All our efforts resulted into a print run of around 4000 magazines witch sold out in just a couple of months and a widespread request for a follow-up of the almanac in 2019.


2018 SIAB

When it comes to cars, we are thrilled because this industry was our playground for more than 10 years. From brand management, press releases, motor shows to car events all around the globe  – you name it and we did it.

We were excited when we found out that we can work along with three of the biggest brands in the car industry, with a pedigree that goes beyond what words can describe.

For the 2018 Bucharest International Motor Show we teamed up with Toyota, Lexus and Honda to create an exhilarating experience for the visitors and organizers alike. Built from scratch, stating from a simple sketch we created a unique and original full 3D concept that was not only approved, but also loved by our partners. And then… we just turned it into reality. More important, it wasn’t only about displaying cars, but also about creating an unforgettable experience for our visitors, being able to live the real thrill of driving the most powerful and fast Toyota cars that gave birth to their amazing motorsport DNA in the most advanced racing simulator from the world. In the end, every great product that one sells needs to spark an emotion for the customer and has to generate a unique moment that will always be remembered.

This is what we are trying to do for every customer that we work with – deliver a full experience around their product, no matter what it is. It’s our philosophy. It’s our Society.


BMW i Cars Test Drive

The future of cars is electric. It doesn’t matter if you love it or you hate it, you have to accept it. So, when one of the biggest programs in history of developing electric cars and the huge brand behind it ask you to help them create a unique driving experience for their customers and sales staff you have to be more than happy to do it.

BMW i3 was the first car in modern history that was developed from ground up as a purely electric vehicle. Maybe more impressive than that, BMW had the courage to tackle the world of supercars with the i8 Plug-In Hybrid that had an engine with just three cylinders. And all this was done before the electric boom, so that makes the BMW i Program more impressive then you might think.

Joy is BMW” is not just a statement, it is a state of mind for the German carmaker and for everyone involved in their products and work. Knowing that, it’s been a real challenge to invent, create and put in place an experience for BMW clients to test-drive BMW i3 electric car and BMW i8 PHEV supercar. All this was done during several days and on specifically selected roads around Bucharest with the main focus of delivering the most important bits of BMW i Program DNA.